Utility Models


Utility models a.k.a petty patents

Utility models provide their holder with a right comparable to a patent to exclude others from commercially using the invention. Inventions for which patent protection cannot be obtained due to lack of inventive step, may qualify for utility model protection. Therefore, utility models are also called petty patents.

A utility model can be registered in a very short time without a long patent office prosecution, as opposed to a patent application. Because of lower costs, utility models may be more suitable than a patent for protecting inventions in technology fields that rapidly become out-of-date, as well as for inventions that are to be utilized only in Finland.

In addition to Finland, utility models can also be registered in several other countries. Here is a WIPO link to a list of countries: "Where can Utility Models be Acquired?".

You can find more information on utility models under the FAQ page utility model.

Utility Model Application

Our experience and global cooperation network are at your disposal in all utility model related matters. Our expert staff helps you in drafting a utility model application all the way from filling in the application form to formulating the description on the invention and claims, as well as to preparing the drawings.

If necessary, we conduct a novelty search and give our opinion on inventive step before filing the application. We follow the progress of the application process, communicate with the Patent Office and remind you of deadlines. We help you to defend your innovation in all phases, e.g. in matters concerning infringements and against requests to declare a registration invalid.

In matters relating to utility models or utility model applications, please contact our patent attorneys or send an email to info@fspat.fi.

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